LAVA Premium Skinny Margarita Mix 33.8oz

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Anyone can make a low calorie tasteless skinny Margarita mix using chemical artificial sweeteners but why would you want to drink that? Skip the chemicals and enjoy lower calories with delicious key lime juice and agave nectar. Yes, you heard that right, you don’t have to sacrifice taste for lower calories anymore. See more

  • Ready-to-serve — just add tequila.
  • Made with raw blue agave nectar and key lime juice
  • Only 23 calories per ounce. No artificial sweeteners!
  • Handcrafted in small batches for freshness guaranteed
  • Big flavor: Sour, tart, sweet, fresh and delicious
  • Voted #1 skinny Margarita mix by consumers

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Margarita Lovers Looking For The Best Of Both Worlds — Great Taste And Lower Calories — Stop Looking And Start Sipping On Our Refreshing LAVA Premium Skinny Margarita Mix.

Skinny Margarita

Say No To Artificial Sweeteners And Flavorless Mixers

This quick and easy mix is the real deal and offers big lime and agave taste without the unnecessary calories. So what’s the big deal? Well, we got tired of other “skinny” Margarita mixers that have low calories but no taste or even worse, loaded with artificial chemical sweeteners and artificial flavors. Not this one. Instead, we deliver tons of flavor with lower calories by letting the key lime juice and raw blue agave nectar do the talking.

Ready To Use

Makes the perfect classic margarita in seconds.

We know what you’re thinking (wait, I don’t have to sacrifice taste for lower calories?) — bingo. After all, isn’t the point of drinking a Margarita to enjoy how delicious it is? Right on. Now that we are on the same page, sit back, grab a couple margarita glasses, a bottle of your favorite tequila blanco (silver), and this ready-to-use Margarita will create the perfect classic Margarita in seconds straight out of the bottle. Yes, it’s that easy and that good.

Remember, anyone can make a “low or zero” calorie Margarita using artificial chemical sweeteners, that’s easy to do, but why would you want to drink that? Skip the chemicals and enjoy lower calories with great taste using LAVA. 

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Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 4 × 4 in

One Liter (1000ml, 33.8oz)

Shelf Life (Unopened)

1 year from date of manufacture

Shelf Life (Opened)

Always keep refrigerated after opening. Suggested use within 3 weeks of opening.

Product Type

Ready to Use Cocktail Mixer


1 Bottle, 2 Pack (save 6%), 3 Pack (save 8%)

Based on 135 reviews
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  1. Theresa R.

    Refreshing skinny margarita. Perfect for summer!

  2. Charlotte M.

    Impressed by the taste. Classic, fewer calories.

  3. Willie Y.

    Impressed by the quality and flavor. Top-notch skinny margarita mix.

  4. Betty M.

    5-star rating for this clean, natural skinny margarita mix. Fresh and fabulous!

  5. Stephen T.

    Refreshing and flavorful skinny margarita mix. Perfect for poolside lounging.

  6. William B.

    Absolutely delightful skinny margarita blend. Perfect for any occasion. Big flavor!

  7. Heather D.

    Thrilled with the authentic flavor. Unbeatable skinny margarita mix.

  8. Karen I.

    Thrilled with the fresh taste. Tastes like it’s made from scratch.

  9. Terry E.

    Refreshing skinny margarita. Ideal for summer!

  10. Alexander L.

    Absolutely delightful blend. Lower calories, great taste!

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